AEROPRESS® Barista and Latte Art Course


Course: AEROPRESS® Barista and Latte Art Course

Course Duration: 3 hours

What’s so special about the AEROPRESS®? If you like your brewing to be as simple as 1-2- 3, let us show you how AEROPRESS® helps you do exactly that, and produce better and fresher coffee than capsules. When you sign up, not only do you learn how you can use AEROPRESS® to produce connoisseur coffee, our trained barista’s will also show you the tricks and techniques of making beautiful latte art!

Course materials are provided. Certificate of attendance will be distributed at the end of the course.
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Course: AEROPRESS® Barista and Latte Art Course

Course Duration: 3 hours

Price: $128

Unleash the coffee connoisseur in you and discover the fun and simplicity of brewing the perfect cuppa anytime, anywhere with AEROPRESS®. With the guidance of the experienced trainers who are baristas themselves, not only will you get to master the basics of brewing your own specialty coffee but also get intrigued by how you too can produce beautiful latte art with our guidance.