JAWSS Course Highlights

Gain the basic knowledge to understand what constitutes high quality espresso and hand brew coffee, as well as fundamental knowledge and skills to start you on your path to becoming a professional barista.  Whether you wish to gain employment in the specialty coffee industry, provide your customers with a better coffee experience or simply indulge in the delight that the perfect coffee provides, this course can provide the basics that will bring you closer to your goals.  Participants will learn both theory and practical on :

  1. Understanding specialty coffee,
  2. Knowing the parts of the espresso machine & grinder,
  3. Getting to operate an espresso machine & grinder,
  4. Learning how to make the perfect espresso,
  5. Learning milk texturing techniques,
  6. Getting to prepare your own espresso-based coffee

Participants will receive:

  1. A set of course handouts,
  2. The opportunity to make espresso-based beverages,
  3. The basic skills and knowledge that every barista need to have.
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