Founded in Singapore by a Singaporean team of entrepreneurs who are passionate and cares about good coffee, Blocs kiosks are designed for Singaporeans who desires more than a 9 to 5 desk bound job.
    We design the business for both portability & profitability, meaning that we only recommend what works for your budget. Anyone can start a Blocs kiosk at only a fraction of the cost of a cafe setup, and Blocs kiosk has a higher product turnover per square feet than any other food operations.
    Coffee and food are not the only revenue source, partners can generate sales from other avenues based on an innovative eco system approach we have adopted. This is a disruptive business model backed by network science to connect global communities and businesses for win win.
    Sharing is caring, so when you succeed, help others to do so by referring your loved ones and friends to our family, and soon you can multiply your operations as a Blocs tribe leader to operate multiple carts, not just locally but overseas as well.
    Blocs kiosks are designed to be modular. Like LEGO blocks, you can co-create different modular units of different functionalities with us, and turn your basic kiosk into something else. Be creative and let go your imagination. Who knows, you may get lucky and appear in the next Transformer movie.
    By choosing Blocs kiosk, you become part of the change that starts at the level of the coffee growing communities and that will benefit people and the planet for generations to come. Together, we can do more to contribute back to the coffee farmers and the environment.

Kaldi’s berry is a singapore based specialty coffee (Private Limited) company that offers premium coffee products and quality training solutions. Inspired by the legendary tale of coffee discovery by the ethiopian goat herder kaldi, the business was founded by anthony lee in 2012, and have since evolved to become more than just a café.

We are now an ecosystem that comprises of a f&b brand – blocs inc. As well as a specialty coffee academy – the eureka moment (providing skillsfuture courses and educational / edutours to coffee plantations). Additionally, we also offer a unique consulting solution for corporates and f&b owners who appreciates premium quality coffee desires to offer them as part of their menu.

Our vision is to become a leading authentic specialty coffee company in asia that is admired for its brands, innovation and results that contributes to a better and sustainable world.


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